Portfolio: is an online platform designed to transport passengers and send parcels in Europe. Allows you to leave a request on the site in two clicks.

Goal and objectives of the project:
The main goal of the project was to create an accessible online platform to facilitate passenger transportation and parcel sending. Our specific objectives included:

Develop an intuitive booking system: We wanted to provide users with an easy and quick way to book passenger transportation tickets and parcel shipments. We designed an intuitive system with flexible route choices as well as the ability to select additional services.

Implementation of an advanced management system: We created an efficient and comprehensive administration system that allows you to efficiently manage reservations, track parcel shipments, and manage fares and available vehicles. The administration system facilitates operations and streamlines workflows.

Optimization for web promotion: We have integrated search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and developed a search engine friendly site structure to ensure a prominent presence in search results. This allowed us to increase visibility and attract more potential customers.

The result:
As a result of the project, we have a robust and functional online platform that meets the needs of customers in the passenger transportation and parcel forwarding industry. Here are some of the results:

Simple and fast booking process: Users can easily access and use the platform to book tickets and send parcels with a streamlined and efficient process.

Advanced management system: benefits from a powerful management system that allows the company to efficiently manage reservations, control parcel shipments and optimize operations.

Increased visibility on the web: website is optimized for search engines, ensuring greater visibility in search results and a steady flow of potential clients.

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