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Portfolio: is the official website of the furniture factory Isazur Renovation, which specializes in the creation and restoration of handmade furniture. They are engaged in the production of handmade furniture items such as sofas, armchairs, cabinets and more.

Goal and objectives of the project:
The main goal of the project was to showcase and promote custom handmade furniture from Isazur Renovation. Specific objectives included:

Classic design and intuitive functionality: We created an attractive design that showcases the unique furniture pieces and aesthetics of the Isazur Renovation workshop. We also implemented intuitive navigation and a clear structure to make it easier for users to find and study the products.

Presentation of products and services: We designed specific pages for each furniture category, as well as interactive sections to show in detail the features and materials used in the creation process. We also included information about the restoration services offered by the workshop.

The result:
As a result of the project, we got an elegant and functional website that authentically reflects the style and quality of the handmade furniture created by Isazur Renovation. Here are some of the results:

Great visual presentation: The site presents handmade furniture pieces in an engaging way, highlighting exquisite details and finishes that engage and inspire visitors.

Interactive user experience: Users can explore the furniture collection and interact with various features such as viewing product details, adding to cart and requesting personalized offers.

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